Private Boat Party Rental San Francisco

Party Boat Rental San Francisco

On Board Parties, The on board parties are becoming very popular. The most popular is to book the day for fishing and then return a little early and have a BBQ/party on the boat. You may have others join you for the private boat party while the boat is docked. We have had company trips that had great success with their clients this way. During an on board party you may use one or both BBQs, the range, oven or broiler, the stereo system, deck chairs and refrigerators. Captain Steve will even hoist the flags. Family groups have chartered the boat and when the men are out fishing the others are enjoying Fishermen’s Wharf and other parts of San Francisco. When the boat returns everyone meets at the boat for a party featuring the catch of the day prepared just hours after being caught! Party boat rentals are also popular because of where the boat is docked. Some have booked the boat for a party – and the boat never left the dock. You may step off the boat and take a walk down Fisherman’s Wharf as Flash is docked in the heart of the Wharf right on Jefferson Street.

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