Sturgeon Fishing Charters in San Francisco

Sturgeon are very large fish that have been swimming around in the waters that now make up the San Francisco Bay for more than two million years. In fact, great white sturgeon can grow to be as large as 20 feet long and 1,500 pounds in some cases. However, success while sturgeon fishing in San Francisco is not always a given, despite their size. It’s why you should consider going on a guided sturgeon fishing trip with Flash Sport Fishing Charters. Equipped with over 50 years of experience, Captain Steve Talmadge will welcome you on board our sturgeon fishing charter and help you have the time of your life during one of our sturgeon fishing trips.

Great White Sturgeon Fishing San Francisco

Sturgeon Fishing San Francisco Bay

Sturgeon often like to gather deep underwater towards the bottom of the San Francisco Bay. This is one of the many reasons why anglers of all skill levels have difficulties finding success. You have to know the best places to go to increase your chances of catching a sturgeon and bringing it on board your boat. During our sturgeon fishing trips, Flash Sport Fishing Charters will put you in the best possible position to land a sturgeon by taking you to the hotspots. We’ll also provide you with everything from high-quality rods and reels to bait and tackle that are designed to stand up to the strength and sheer size of sturgeon. It’ll give you a great opportunity to catch a sturgeon and reel it in when you’re on our sturgeon fishing charter.  Unsure what you need on a trip? Check out our Checklist for information!

We specialize in catering to anglers of all ages on our sturgeon fishing trips. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced angler who has gone sturgeon fishing in San Francisco Bay dozens of times or someone taking your first sturgeon fishing trip, we’ll work hard to make sure you have a terrific time and get the full sturgeon fishing charter experience. Our customers appreciate the personalized service we’re able to deliver and we’ll provide you with a memorable experience!

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