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S F Fishing report 3/20/23

Yesterday Flash 1 did a lot of sturgeon hunting and did find some fish. The girls landed 3. Enjoy the photos.Captain Steve TalmadgeBoat, mobile and booking Phone number,510 851-2500

S F Fishing report 3/18/23

Hey Fishermen,We had late sturgeon trip yesterday, 15:00 hrs start. We had to cover a lot of water before we found some fish. We did more running than fishing but we landed 4 sturgeon with 2 keepers.Today Flash 2 had a private 1/2 day charter. Only one person showed up. He landed a few sharks,… Read more »

SF Fishing report 2/5/23

Hey sturgeon fishermen,Sturgeon fishing has been challenging the last couple of days. Flash 1 headed for the harbor early today because of weather. But not before landing some nice keeper sturgeon. They also lost an oversized sturgeon. The weather is improving starting tomorrow. Call me to get into the action. Enjoy today’s photos. Captain Steve TalmadgeBoat,… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report, 1/26/23

Hey Sturgeon fishermen,Flash 1 got into some sturgeon today. There is still garbage in the water but the fish are there and they are biting. they had multiple bites and landed 2 keepers and released an oversize sturgeon. Call me if you would like to get into the action. Enjoy todays photos. Captain Steve TalmadgeBoat,… Read more »

SF fishing report 12/20/22

Hey fishermen, The rock fish and lingcod are still doing good. The season is open until 12/31/22. The photos are from the last 1/2 day trip on Flash 2 two days ago. Give me a call if you would like to get yours before the end of the season. Captain Steve Talmadge Boat, mobile and… Read more »

S F Fishing report 11/26/22

Hey Fishermen, I am back working at the Castro Valley office. My deckhands went out on their own 2 days ago and had some great action. They landed an oversized and a slot fish during a short trip. Today on Flash 1 the customers landed their first sturgeon before sunrise! They also have a slot… Read more »

S F Fishing Report 11/17/22

Hey Sturgeon Fishermen, I am back working in the Castro Valley office. Flash I is having great sturgeon action this morning. Many fish landed before 10:30 am. They released 3 over 8 foot. They also broke off some big fish. Call me if you would like to get into the action.   Captain Steve Talmadge Boat,… Read more »

SF Fishing Report, 11/5/22

While Flash 1 is hooking sturgeon out of Pittsburg Flash 2 was up the coast roping the lingcod. They ended early with limits of lingcod. They also had more than they needed of rockfish. Fish for the crew! Call me on the boat phone if you would like to get into the action.   Captain… Read more »

SF Fishing Report, 11/3/22

Hey Fishermen, The rockfish are biting! The sturgeon are also doing very well. Flash II did a half day kids rockfish trip today. They had a blast! Flash I is fishing sturgeon out of Pittsburg tomorrow. And believe it or not , we are still catching halibut in the bay. Tomorrow both boats are full…. Read more »

SF Fishing report 10/31/22

Hey Fishermen,I am back home from the meat hunt in Wyoming. All the meat is processed and in the freezer. Had some breakfast sausage this morning and it is great just like last year. While I was gone my captains and crew kept the boats running. They did a great job keeping the people happy…. Read more »