San Francisco Fishing Charter FAQs

Can I bring beer or alcohol on the fishing charter?

Yes you may but we discourage bringing hard liquor.

What if I have never fished before?

Not a problem, we have helped everyone from 4 year olds to people in their 90s.

Are fishing charter boats licensed?

Not all are, We are Coast Guard licensed and insured.

Is there a restaurant in the area that will cook our catch?

Yes there is, just 2 blocks from the boat.

Who can enjoy a fishing charter?

Anyone can, we will cater to all your needs.

Why should I use a professional fishing charter?

So that you may have a safe and enjoyable trip.

If there a good restaurant in the area for dinner?

We could give you some recommendations but there are a lot of restaurants.

Is there some place where I can clean my fish or have them cleaned?

We will process you fish and you will go home with fish however you like. No mess for you!

What if I have a mobility Handicap or wish to bring handicapped person(s) along on the fishing charter?

Not a problem we have had wheel chair people on board.

Is a fishing license required on a fishing charter?

Yes it is, for anyone over 16 years of age. We will help you with that. At this time they are around $16.00 each. You may get them on line or by phone.

Should I bring a lunch?

Depending on the duration of the trip.

What about bad weather?

We do not fish bad weather and if we cancel due to weather there is no charge to you.

Do I need to bring fishing equipment and if so, what type of rod and reel should I bring?

You may bring your equipment but it is not necessary as we provide top of the line equipment.

Is there any age limit for bringing along my kids on a fishing charter?

No, we have had 1 year olds on board and 4 year olds fishing.

How far out do you go to fish?

That depends on the fish you would like to catch. Call me and I will explain.

How do I book a fishing trip?

I am old fashioned and have been charting over 25 years. Call me and I will book the trip for you. It is first come first served.

What type of fishing line do you recommend?

That depends on what you are fishing for. Call me and I will explain.

How many persons can I bring along on a fishing charter?

We only take up to 6 passengers per trip. The boats will handle more but we do not like to crowd the boat. Also It will make it possible to help anyone that may need help.

What if I have a mobility Handicap or wish to bring handicapped person(s) along?

Not a problem just give me a call and I will explain how we will help anyone.

What should I bring along on my fishing trip?

Check out our Fishing Charter Checklist