We are all concerned about Covid 19, our families and loved ones. We at Flash Fishing Charters clean and sanitize our boats After every trip. Listed below are some protective measures we do daily, and some we have added due to Covid 19:

  1. The boat and equipment are washed with bleach and soap daily.
  2. The restroom is cleaned with bleach and soap multiple times daily.
  3. Sinks with fresh water are available on the boat, along with hand soap for your use.
  4. Hand sanitizers are available on the boat for your use.
  5. The crew will be temperature tested daily, prior to passenger boarding. Passengers will be temperature tested daily prior to boarding. Crew and passengers running fevers will be sent home.
  6. We request passengers to practice social distancing.
  7. We have face masks available for those passengers that forget to bring face covering.

We encourage your suggestions and concerns as we reopen our business.  Our goal is for you to be comfortable and to have a great trip.

Captain Steve Talmadge

510-851-2500 – Boat/Booking Phone

Flash Sport Fishing Charters