S F Fishing Report 10/21/22

Hey Fishermen,Flash 1 was in early with limits of bass and halibut today. It was a light charter. I have room tomorrow. Give me a call.Captain Steve TalmadgeBoat, mobile and booking Phone number,510 851-2500

S F Fishing Report 10/16/22

Hey Fishermen,We had a great day fishing today. The fish are on the bite. Flash 2 had a full load of 6 fishermen. They had a limit of bass, a couple halibut and a mess of rockfish. Not bad for 1/2 day trip. I ran Flash 1 with a light load of 3 fishermen on… Read more »

S F fishing report 10/10/22

Hey Fishermen,I just returned from my Wyoming deer hunt. It was the deer hunt of a lifetime for me. That report is coming next on Steve Talmadge Facebook page. My captains kept my boats running while I was gone. They did great! They had some good halibut scores. And on the last trip captain Charles… Read more »

S F Fishing report 9/29/22

Hey Fishermen, Fishing has been good since the last report. We had some good halibut fishing in the bay. I am going to keep both boats fishing the bay and ocean through October. I plan on moving Flash 1 back to Pittsburg marina for sturgeon at the end of October if the business slows in… Read more »

S F Fishing Report

Hey Fishermen,We have been busy. After the last report the salmon was doing pretty good but has slowed. I am surprised how good the halibut fishing is in the bay, during the last set of slow tides. The rockfish and lingcod fishing has been good. The shark fishing was a little tougher with the slower… Read more »

Fishing Report 8/23/22

Hey Fishermen,The best action for Flash 1 and Flash 2 have been sharks and halibut. The halibut in the bay has been surprising very good. We have been landing 2 fish a rod on average. And most of those trips have been half day trips. If fact today Flash 1 landed their limits of halibut… Read more »

Fishing Report 8/12/22

Hey everyone, I have not posted a report in 9 days. The problem is we have been so busy. Both Flash 1 and Flash 2 have been landing a verity of fish. Some trips are in the ocean and some in the bay. I will let the photos tell the story. Both Flash 1 and… Read more »

Fishing report 8/2/22

Hey Fishermen, Here is the report from the last few days. We started our salmon trolling trips. Interesting grade, just keepers up to 26 lbs. Sharks are doing great and we started using steel leaders so the soup fins now hit the deck It is late so I will let the photos finish the story…. Read more »

Fishing Report 7/27/22

Hey Fishermen,A mixed bag of fish this last few days. Still having a lot of fun. Call me if you would like to get into the fun. Enjoy the photos Captain Steve Talmadge Boat, mobile and booking Phone number, 510 851-2500Flash Sport Fishing

S F Fishing Report, 7/20/22

Hey Fishermen, the shark fishing went wide open today. Flash II went in early with 6 fishermen that were worn out. It is not too often that you end early on a 1/2 day trip. I have room on tomorrow’s 1/2 day trip. Call me if you would like to get into the action. Enjoy… Read more »