San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 9/1/21

Hey everyone, I just returned home from the North Carolina office and spending a great time grandson and family. At times we wore Jackson out, see photo. I am leaving in a few minutes for the Reno/Sparks office. We have to check out the Rib Cook-off. The boats did great the last few days. See… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 8/26/21

Hey people, it has been a busy period. I have attached some recent photos that tell the story. I will be flying out in the morning and working out of the North Carolina office for the next 5 days. I need to spend some time with my 2 year old grandson Jackson. Both boats are… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 8/17/21

Hey fishermen, We have been so busy I have not had time to post a report for a couple of weeks. Both Flash I and Flash II have been running nearly every day. We have been having a lot of fun. When the conditions are good we are finding many different species of fish. I… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 7/21/21

Hey Fishermen, It has been a busy 5 days here on both boats. Halibut and bass have been playing hard to get but the salmon and sharks have been good, especially the sharks. I had a very nice family today on Flash II and they had a blast. Remi caught her first shark and her… Read more »

San Fr5ancisco Fishing Charters. Report 7/16/21

Hey everyone, I am back from working at the Las Vegas office during our 40th wedding Anniversary celebration. Deb and I had a great time. We visited a lot of places and spent very little time outside due to the heat. Some of the highlights were the Bellagio, Planet Hollywood, Ceasers, Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, Mon… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 7/11/21

Hey Fishermen, Here is my weekend report. The halibut and bass fishing has slowed. I expect the halibut to pick up with the better tides. Our ½ day rockfish trips are doing great. Limits are to be had for the tasty fish. The shark fishing is just plain off the hook. We are creating soar… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 7/9/21

Hey Fishermen, Today I had a beautiful family on a ½ day shark trip. Grandpa, mom and dad and 3 boys, 5,6 and 7 year olds. The fishing was off the hook. Too many to count! I think some where between 25 and 30. Such a fun day with this group. Everyone got to pull… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 7/7/21

Hey Fishermen, Both boats were running every day through the holiday period. We saw a verity of fish. We saw some of the biggest striped bass this season. Bass up to 18lbs. The sharks were well above average and a lot of them. You had to work for the halibut but a fish a rod… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 6/30/21

Hey Fishermen, While I was off the grid with my grandkids in the wilderness, Captain Charles and Captain Mike were running the boats every day. They had a lot of happy fishermen with a variety of fish. I will be back on the boat tomorrow and I have some room during the week. Call me… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 6/14/21

Hey Fishermen, Here is part 3 of my weekly wrap up. The shark fishing was great and there were some big ones. Just a lot of action on the half day trips. Flash I and Flash II are booked up all the way to June 23. Except I have room for 2 on the 17th… Read more »