S F Fishing report 9/6/23

Hey fishermen,I had the pleasure of running Flash 1 today.I had a 2 person private charter. This was a 1/2 day trip. I spent the first 2 hours looking for bass but the very slow tide caused the bass not to bite. So we switch to halibut. After about 2 hours we were done and… Read more »

S F Fishing report 9/6/23

Hey all, I was off the grid for a while. While I was gone Flash 1 and Flash 2 fished every day from last Thursday through last Monday. They had Tuesday off. Over all the fishing was very good. Mostly half day trips. they did 11 trips total. They had a couple tough trips with… Read more »

S F Fishing report 8/28/23

Hey Fishermen. Flash 1 went outside and did excellent! They returned to the harbor early with limits of rockfish, lingcod and a few halibut. Flash 2 had a 2 man 1/2 day charter and also did very well in the bay. Limits of halibut and some leopard sharks. Flash 2 is back out today with… Read more »

S F Fishing report. 8/27/23

Hey fishermen,The halibut and bass fishing slowed down a little. You had to work for them Yesterday Flash 1 ended up just under a fish a rod. Flash 2 had a great day on the shark grounds. More action than they needed. The surprise was a guitar fish and what was even more of a… Read more »

SF Fishing report 8/20/23

Hey Fishermen,Flash 1 had some great fishing yesterday and today. Short trips and a lot of fish. Call me if you would like to get into the action. Enjoy the photos.Captain Steve TalmadgeBoat, mobile and booking Phone number,510 851-2500

S F Fishing report 8/17/23

Hey fishermen, today Flash 1 had some good action. They started up the coast for limits of rockfish and over a fish a rod on the lingcod. I did not receive any RC photos. Then they landed a limit of halibut and a crew fish. The trip before they also did very well. Call me… Read more »

S F Fishing report 8/16/23

Hey fishermen, I just received Flash 2’s report. They had a 2 man charter. The fishing was excellent! They had plenty of shark action. They harvested a large leopard shark and released everything else. Then they landed a limit of bass and halibut. They also had some crew fish. WHAT A DAY! Call me if… Read more »

S F Fishing report 8/16/23

Hey Fishermen,Just returned from a 4 day camping trip with the grand kids. That will be another post. The fishing was very good while I was gone. I did not receive many photos from the crews but I will post what I have.Call me if you would like to get into the action.Captain Steve TalmadgeBoat,… Read more »

S F Fishing report 8/10/23

Hey fishermen, Flash one did very well on today’s 1/2 day trip. It was not as good as yesterday but everyone had a blast and went home with some nice fish. Flash 2 had to work for the sharks during the slower tide but everyone landed sharks but mostly batrays. A lot of action though…. Read more »

S F Fishing report 8/10/23

Hey Fishermen,Flash 1 had an incredible 1/2 day trip yesterday. They were done very early with limits of halibut. Multiple hook ups at a time. The grade of fish was also very good . They are back out with the same plan today. Lets see if they can repeat the action. Flash 2 is at… Read more »