San Francisco Fishing Charters, Fishing Report 7/10/18

Hey Sportsmen,

Normally I try to post every 5 to 6 days. But todays trip was so good I had to do another post. I had a family from Colorado on the boat and this type of fishing was new to them. They caught on real quick and we had a blast. Mom was the first to land a fish, a big striper! Then she lands a big halibut. The rest of the family got into the action. There were times when we all the rods hooked up. It kept Lucas and I hopping. We released a lot of 20 plus inch bass looking for bigger ones. We had one halibut that was right on the mark but we released it. Both boats are full tomorrow and Thursday but I have some room on Friday. Great action!!! Don’t miss out. Enjoy the photos.

Captain Steve

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