San Francisco Fishing Charters/ report 12/31/18

Hey Fishermen,

I am back to work. The sturgeon fishing has been tough the last few days. We have had great weather and it is not hard to find sturgeon. There are a lot around. I talked to our local game warden and he said they have been off the bite for a while. They are due to turn on. While we are putting our time in fishing sturgeon we are getting other species, mostly bass. I grilled moose steaks yesterday and will be grilling elk burgers the next few trips. The trips for both Flash I and Flash II today were rescheduled due to high winds. Wednesday and Thursday are booked full. There is room Friday and the weekend. The tides are building and they are some of the best tides of the month. Let me know if you would like to join us. Enjoy the photos.

Happy New Year!!!

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