San Francisco Fishing report 01/17/17

Hey Fishermen,

We had to work for our fish this last weekend! The weather was great except one day we had a cold fog in the morning. I found fish neat the Mothball fleet, inside buoy 4 and near buoy 9 in Grizzly bay. Almost all of our fish bit during the ebb tide. The best baits were eel and eel/ghost combo. Jay Powers hooked and landed his very first sturgeon ever! A nice 44 incher. The high light of the week end trips was Greg Carleton and his trophy fish. Greg was fishing with his son on his birthday trip. Greg told me he has not landed a sturgeon in 8 years. Greg hooked a 59 ½ in, 78 lb sturgeon. She looked like a big hen and I tried to get a measurement over 60 inches but was not able to. I knew if she was legal I would never be able to talk him into releasing the fish. I found out later Greg prepares his own caviar from other fish. Well he got one of his best birthday gifts ever, 18 lbs of caviar. He was preparing the eggs that night. I will be working on the up coming Diamond Classic derby the next few days. It looks like I will be fishing Saturday, Sunday and Monday so far. Give me a call if you want to jump on for some fun and elk burgers! Enjoy the photos.

Captain Steve Talmadge

Flash Sport Fishing

510 851-2500

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