San Francisco Fishing report 07/28/16

Hey outdoorsmen,

I took 3 days off to take my Grandson Cody camping in the wilderness. We were in the high sierras south east of Quincy. Cody fit right in almost immediately, see the first photo. He learned to catch wild trout in a creek so small that in some areas you cant even see it through the heavy grass and weeds. We did our cooking over an open fire, check out the corn in foil roasting around the fire. We slept outside under the stars. Cody did very well with his safety training on firearms. He hit a few cans while we were training. My goal is to eliminate the curiosity and teach respect for the tool. Just like I did with my 3 children. When he gets older we will move up to chain saws! We took a nice hike in the woods. I had a great time watching him learn about the mountains. I am looking forward to the next trip. But for now it is back to work.

Enjoy the photos.

Captain Steve Talmadge

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