San Francisco Fishing report 12/01/16

Hey Fishermen,

Yesterday we had a tough day. The sturgeon numbers increased but they were not hungry. I had a light load of 3 fishermen and we only landed 1 short sturgeon. But we landed a few bass and Bob boxed a nice one. Today I had a custom short trip. We fished from 2:30 to almost 7:00 pm. The sturgeon numbers increased even more. We had quite a few bites. I think a lot of them were small bass bites but there were some good sturgeon bites. We lost a good sturgeon and put in a keeper. Not too bad for a short trip. The next opening I have is on Sunday. This will be mostly a night trip. We will fish until about midnight. I want to fish the whole big ebb tide. I have room for 2 more fishermen. Next week the tides are not that good so I will be in Las Vegas for the Cowboy Xmas Gathering and other forms of entertainment. When I return we will be back on the water targeting sturgeon and Sharks. Enjoy the photos.

Captain Steve Talmadge

Flash Sport Fishing

510 851-2500

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