San Francisco Fishing Report 2/7/16

Hey Fishermen,

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday I fished near Seal Island with 5 fishermen on board. We had the same plan as the day before. We fished hard with 1 keeper bass and an oversized sturgeon for the day. The day before I had a light load of 2 fishermen. One of the 2 fishermen was a beginner and did not have a second rod stamp. Well we had an epic day. We hooked 10 sturgeon and landed 6. The beginner was on fire using the 49er rod. He did make some beginner mistakes. He had one big fish going and as we were getting ready to maybe pull anchor and chase the fish it was gone. He got scared thinking the fish was going to spool him. So het tried to stop it buy heating up his thumb on the spool, OOPS! He also broke off 2 other good fish. 2 of the 6 fish we landed were keepers. All the fish the last 2 days were released. I have to give Tony credit as this was his first fish for the season. He released a 59 inch sturgeon. He is hoping for good MOJO for the season. Again straight eel took all our fish.

The tides are good for the next 2 weeks. Now is the time! Enjoy the photos.

Captain Steve Talmadge

Flash Sport Fishing

160207-Pic1 160207-Pic2 160207-Pic3

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