SF Fishing report 10/31/22

Hey Fishermen,
I am back home from the meat hunt in Wyoming. All the meat is processed and in the freezer. Had some breakfast sausage this morning and it is great just like last year. While I was gone my captains and crew kept the boats running. They did a great job keeping the people happy. They also moved Flash 1 up to Pittsburg for the sturgeon season. Flash 1 has already done 2 sturgeon trips with good success. On the first short trip they landed 12 sturgeon. Most of them were undersized and an oversized. They did harvest one for the smoker. Everything else was released healthy. Flash 2 has been doing unusually well on the halibut and finding striped bass. There are always sharks for action. Flash 2 will remain at Fisherman’s Wharf targeting Rockfish, Lingcod, Halibut, Bass and sharks. Flash 2 will also start sturgeon fishing a little later in the winter. Enjoy some of the photos from last week.

Captain Steve Talmadge
Boat, mobile and booking Phone number,
510 851-2500

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