Flash I made it out and fished in between showers. Yesterday the action was off the hook. It was fish on before all the rods were out. Many fish broke off during the fight. Oversized and keepers on the deck. And now with a shot of fresh water it should be even better. I had… Read more »


Hey Sturgeon fishermen, We have been having some good fun with the good sturgeon fishing. The weather has been great. The water temperature is around 57 degrees, good for sturgeon! We have had oversized, undersized and slot fish during the last week. One of the fishermen got a great video of a 64 inch sturgeon… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 2/29/20

Hey Fishermen, Like I said in the last 2 reports, the bite has been coming on. Today we had a slow start but during the afternoon during the start of the flood tide the bite started. We missed a few good bites but we hooked 5 sturgeon. We lost one and landed 4. The action… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Fishing report 2/27/20

In the last report I said that it has been slow but the bite looks like it is starting to come back on. Well yesterday I had a light trip with 2 fishermen. We missed a few solid bites but landed 9 sturgeon. Only one was a slot fish and there were some small ones…. Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Fishing report. 2/23/20

Hey Fishermen, Well after some slow sturgeon fishing it looks like they are starting to wake up. The water temp is up to 56 degrees and yesterday we had some good action. They still like the roe in the deeper water. It looks like an early spring. Enjoy the photos from yesterday. Captain Steve Talmadge

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Fishing report 1/21/20

He fishermen, We just wrapped up a great weekend of fishing! The highlight was a very big sturgeon. It was longer that an 8 foot rod! Dan battled the fish for over an hour. We also landed some larger slot fish. Don’t forget the seminar this Friday night Lots of prizes and a lot of… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 12/29/19

Hey sturgeon fishermen. The bite slowed the last two trips. We were having great action up until the day before yesterday when we did not harvest a sturgeon. I believe it is due to the slower tides. So yesterday I change my plan and went back to the Benicia Bridge area. There are a lot… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 12/26/19

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas, we did. I was back on the water today chasing sturgeon again with a group of four. Everyone got to pull on a sturgeon. And they were all big fish. We harvested 2 and released 1. The one we released was a chore. The battle… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 12/24/19

Hey All,  I am not running Flash 1 today as we have a lot of family coming to our home. Flash II is out with Captain Charles and Justin. They just gave me an update. Emma an Noah from Chicago just RELEASED a beautiful sturgeon. Great job guys, keep it going. The fish took ghost… Read more »