San Francisco Fishing Charters. Report 02/01/21

Not really, this was an old photo I came across. I am guessing that it was taken some time before 1917.
Our weekend trips were frustrating for me but after fishing sturgeon over 40 years I know it is sturgeon fishing. The amount of fish we were sitting on was in creditable! I rarely take photos of my meter but I had to share. We only landed 1 fish for both trips. When these fish go on a bite it should be great. I plan on being there when they do. Enjoy the photos.
Captain Steve Talmadge
Boat, mobile and booking Phone number,
510 851-2500

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Lyle Shores

Hi there Steve this is Lyle, I have been recuperating from rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder since Dec. 17, 2020 and will have my first fishing trip in the last week of February. Hopefully, the bite will be on during the end of the month and beyond. I liked your old picture and the ones off you fish finder. I understand you are out of Pittsburgh this year, and I don’t get that far up river. Hope your “catching” will increase in the near future.
If things allow do you plan on having a “Catch and Release” Kids derby in 2121? Catch the big ones and Stay Safe.


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