San Francisco fishing Charter Report 4/1/17

A quick update fisherman, Sturgeon fishing on Sunday was tough. The fish were off the bite. We had some opportunities but did not land a fish. I hate to say it but that was the trip that we said, “you should have been here yesterday”. Saturday we had some good action. We had many opportunities… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 03/27/17

Hey Fishermen, Here are the results from the last few days. I did sturgeon trips on Flash I and a shark trip on Flash II. The weather was great and we had some great action. I got to run so I will let the photos tell the story. I do not have any room until… Read more »

San Francisco fishing report

Hey Fishermen, We just finished 5 trips in a row. The fishing has been good. For the most part there has been action every trip. We are seeing some stripers. There are a lot of sturgeon around! Oh and we did do a shark trip on Flash II. The photos tell the story. Enjoy! Captain… Read more »

San Francisco Shark Fishing report 3/13/17

Hey Fishermen, Today was my first 2017 shark trip. I had a great family of 4 from Texas that really wanted to go. So I took a break from sturgeon fishing and headed to San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf to take out Flash II with the group from Texas. We did a little running and looking… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 3/13/17

Hey Fishermen, I just did 3 sturgeon trips in a row. The first 2 trips were tough. We had no problem finding fish and I have to say we have a lot of fish in our system. I believe we have more fish in are area that I have seen in a while. We had… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 02/12/17

Hey Fishermen, Another good sturgeon trip. I had a light load with some first time sturgeon fishermen. Guillermo land his first sturgeon and it was a keeper. There are a lot of  sturgeon in the deeper water. Wednesday we have good tides for the deeper water. I still have a little room. Call me if… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 02/11/17

Hey Sturgeon Fishermen, The fish are biting. We had great weather today and some good action on sturgeon. I had 4 gentlemen on board for a short day of fishing. We had quite a few of opportunities and my crew did land 3 fish. One was a good keeper and the others were just a… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 01/17/17

Hey Fishermen, We had to work for our fish this last weekend! The weather was great except one day we had a cold fog in the morning. I found fish neat the Mothball fleet, inside buoy 4 and near buoy 9 in Grizzly bay. Almost all of our fish bit during the ebb tide. The… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 12/04/16

Hey sportsmen, I just did the last trip at the end of a good set of tides. I had a light load of 3 fishermen. We had a great trip. The weather was great. We had a fair amount of bites. We hooked 5 fish, lost one, released 2 and boxed 2. I had my… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 12/01/16

Hey Fishermen, Yesterday we had a tough day. The sturgeon numbers increased but they were not hungry. I had a light load of 3 fishermen and we only landed 1 short sturgeon. But we landed a few bass and Bob boxed a nice one. Today I had a custom short trip. We fished from 2:30… Read more »