San Francisco Fishing Charters, fishing report 07/30/18

Hey People, What can I say; this is still becoming one of the best seasons in a long time. The targets now are still salmon and the bass showed up again. We did a combo rock fish and shark ½ day trip yesterday that was a blast. Check out the photos.

San Francisco Fishing Charters, fishing report 7/24/18

Hey fishermen, The action just keeps going. We had one tough day and the rest of the days have been great. The sharks are coming on strong. Today we fished for sharks for about 2.5 hours and everybody had their fill. Everyone pulled on leopard sharks. Then we went and got into the bass action…. Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters, fishing report 7/20/18

Hey folks,   I finally took a day off. I spent Wednesday hauling and stacking hay in the barn for my horses. The next day I returned back to work the bass were back and biting! We had quick limits with some halibut mixed in.The shark fishing is also cranking! Today Captain Joe had early… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters, fishing report 7/16/18

Hey Fishermen, A quick update for you all. The bass and halibut bite has slowed but the good tides are coming back around at the end of the week. The salmon fishing has been great and scratch fishing depending where you are when they chomp. We are back on the shark fishing and it is… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters, Fishing Report 7/10/18

Hey Sportsmen, Normally I try to post every 5 to 6 days. But todays trip was so good I had to do another post. I had a family from Colorado on the boat and this type of fishing was new to them. They caught on real quick and we had a blast. Mom was the… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters, Fishing report 7/9/18

Hey Fishermen, We are having one of the best year in a while. It is just great fishing. The first 2 photos are of our ½ day morning trip today. We were releasing 20 inch keeper bass looking for the bigger ones. Even then we were limited out before 0800 hrs. Later we went through… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters, Fishing report 07/05/18

Hey people, The fishing is just plain GREAT! Big fish! Salmon, Bass and halibut are the top targets. The leopard shark fishing is also great! Now is the time to get into the action and enjoy some great table fair. Enjoy the photos. Captain Steve

San Francisco Fishing Charter, report 06/26/18

Hey Folks, Here is another report, I know I just posted a report but todays ½ day  trip was exceptional! We had limits of bass again and so did Captain Joe on Flash I. I had a lady from Texas that landed 3 bass. Her top 2 fish were 14 lbs and 19 lbs. The… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charter, Report 06/25/18

Hey Fishermen,   The fishing continues to be great,. All our recent trips have been half day trips. Todays half day trip was epic! Limits of bass to 16lbs. For the whole story just look at the photos. The big news is Flash I is back in service with the new engine and a remodel…. Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters, report 06/18/18

Hey fishermen, The weekend was a lot of fun. The bite was a little tougher due to the bigger tides but we still had some good scores. I had one lady catch her very first fish. Another gentleman landed his very first halibut and bass on the same day. I have a little room this… Read more »