San Francisco Fishing Charters, Fishing report 6/11/18

Hey Fishermen, What a great season so far. Today the ½ day trip with 3 fishermen started slow for the first 2 hours. I was beginning to wonder but stuck to the plan. Then the fish started chomping. We had a lot of action.We were releasing fish right on the mark and still had plenty… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters, Fishing report 6/8/18

Hey Sportsmen, We are having a blast. Today I had a 4 man charter. We had some great fishing. At one point we got into a wide open bass bite. We boated 20 to 25 bass in about 15 minutes. We were releasing keepers. We ended keeping 6 limits. We also had 6 halibut in… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters, fishing report 6/5/18

Hey all,   Well I am back from my Axis deer hunt. It was a great hunt. We have already has some summer sausage, breakfast sausage and axis steak. They all were wonderful. I will consider a few more next year. I did not waste any time and went back to work. Today I had… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters report, 5/27/18

Hey folks,   A quick report. We are still enjoying some great fishing. Today we had another epic wide open bite on striped bass again. It was all we could do to keep the rods in the water. We got our limits in short order and released smaller keeper fish. I am all booked up… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters,report 5/21/18

Hey fishermen,   WOW, EARLY LIMITS AGAIN! This time we were limited on bass by 9:30 am. We also had a couple of halibut in the mix. Great Fishing! The big story is young Luke. Luke has never been fishing before. He landed the first fish of the day and that was his first fish… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters, report 5/20/18

  Hey fishermen, LIMITS AGAIN!!! The bass are still chomping! We had limits by 8:20 in the morning. And we were releasing keeper fish. The weather was a lot better and will get even better towards the end of the week. The tides are slowing so the halibut bite will also grow. I have room… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters, fishing report 5/18/18

Hey Fishermen,   Today was an EPIC half day trip. We limited the boat out in 20 minutes! We even were releasing some small keeper striped bass. We could not keep the all rods in the water. WIDE OPEN ACTION! Saturday is full. I have room for 1on Sunday and room for 1 on Monday…. Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters, Fish report 5/15/18

Hey Fishermen, The action in the bay is still good. We had some great action today. Check out the photos. Friday and Sunday has room. Saturday is full. Call me on the boat phone if you want to get some fresh fish for the table! 510 851-2500 Boat Phone Thank you Captain Steve Talmadge Flash Sport… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charter, report 5/10/18

Hey Fishermen,   The action has still been good. Today we returned with a mixed bag. We also lost a large shark at the boat. The weather was also great. Saturday is full and I have room for 1 on Sunday. The new engine for Flash I arrived today at the shipyard. Enjoy the photos…. Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Charters, Fishing report 5/05/18

Hey fishermen and friends, The last few days have been very interesting. Fishing has been good! The girls on these last few trips trips have been killing it. And yesterday we had a surprise, a white sea bass! The weather was great yesterday and the tides just keep getting better. I have some room tomorrow,… Read more »