San Francisco Fishing Report 4/4/16

Hey Fishermen, The sturgeon fishing is still strong. The water temp is over 60 degrees and climbing. It should be like last year. We did a trip yesterday and the wind killed my out going tide plan. But we did still land a keeper on the flood tide. Most of the action has been on… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 4/2/16

Hey Sportsmen, Well the big news is Flash II is back in service. I am very happy with the new engines, rebuilt helm and basically gave the whole boat a work over. She runs great, smooth and fast. At her sea trial she was making between 36 and 40 knots at 100% throttle. Yesterday and… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 3/7/16

Hey Fishermen, It has been a busy week, I have been spending most my time working on Flash II. We did make it out for sturgeon fishing last Thursday. It was a tough day. No keepers! The weather caused me to cancel Saturday and Sundays trips. But we are getting a lot done on Flash… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 2/16/16

Hey Fishermen, The sturgeon fishing took a turn. The day before yesterday the whole fleet got skunked. Yesterday It was still tough but improving. I know of 3 keeper sturgeon landed for the whole fleet. We fished hard and long and released 2 sturgeon that were short. I am taking a break to start the… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 2/13/16

Hey Fishermen, Another quick report because the conditions are fantastic. Today the plan was basically the same as yesterdays report. We had a great time. We landed 6 fish. I had one gentleman fish his own style for bass. He boxed a limit of nice bass. We also boxed 2 nice sturgeon out of the… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 2/12/16

Hey Fishermen, Here is a quick report before we get into this weekend. We headed up to the patch today and we fished for about 2 hours. The problem was the fish that were coming through off the bottom. So I made a move to Seal Is. We had 3 good opportunities and hooked a… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 2/7/16

Hey Fishermen, What a difference a day makes! Yesterday I fished near Seal Island with 5 fishermen on board. We had the same plan as the day before. We fished hard with 1 keeper bass and an oversized sturgeon for the day. The day before I had a light load of 2 fishermen. One of… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 2/4/16

Hey Fishermen, It is good to be back fishing. I finally finished every thing from the C&R Derby. Captain Jonathon, Deck hand Jay and Myself went down to Flash I for scheduled maintenance. We finished around 10:30 am. We decided to go fish for a short while. To make a long story short we had… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 1/26/16

Hey Fishermen, Well we finally got back to sturgeon fishing after loosing over a week of trips due to weather. The day before yesterday we did some looking as things have changed after all the storms. I found fish at Ozol and buoy 4. We had some good bites but could only come up with… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 1/13/16

Hey Sturgeon Fishermen, The last few trips have been a little frustrating. We can’t seem to put a fish in the slot. We had fish as close as 39 inches and one that went just one inch over, 61 inches. That was a heart break. The good news is we are still seeing a lot… Read more »