San Francisco Fishing report 01/17/17

Hey Fishermen, We had to work for our fish this last weekend! The weather was great except one day we had a cold fog in the morning. I found fish neat the Mothball fleet, inside buoy 4 and near buoy 9 in Grizzly bay. Almost all of our fish bit during the ebb tide. The… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 12/04/16

Hey sportsmen, I just did the last trip at the end of a good set of tides. I had a light load of 3 fishermen. We had a great trip. The weather was great. We had a fair amount of bites. We hooked 5 fish, lost one, released 2 and boxed 2. I had my… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 12/01/16

Hey Fishermen, Yesterday we had a tough day. The sturgeon numbers increased but they were not hungry. I had a light load of 3 fishermen and we only landed 1 short sturgeon. But we landed a few bass and Bob boxed a nice one. Today I had a custom short trip. We fished from 2:30… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 11/27/16

Hey Fishermen, After doing a few more shark trips I got back on Flash I for a sturgeon trip yesterday. This is my second sturgeon trip this season. I have to say it is starting out to be a good season. The first trip I had a light load of 3 fishermen. We had quite… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 11/15/16

Hey Fishermen, I did my first sturgeon trip of the season today. I had 3 gentlemen that won the trip at the Coastside dinner. We had fair to good action. We fished Big cut, Gas well, the creek and the corner of the Benicia Bridge. The top bait was eel. They missed some good bites… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 10/05/16

Hey Fishermen, While I was away Captain Jonathon was roping the fish on Flash II. Great shark fishing, rockfish and some lingcod. We do not have much room left this month so if you are interested give us a call soon. Enjoy the photos. Captain Steve Talmadge Flash Sport Fishing

San Francisco Fishing report 09/09/16

Hey fishermen, The shark fishing has been very good and now the salmon are in and biting. Captain Jonathon had 16 salmon for 6 guys by noon on the last trip. I received a report that bigger rockfish have moved in also. Sea conditions are flat. It is that time of year. Saturday is full… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 08/26/16

Hey Sportsmen, Well we have been so busy that it has been hard to find time to do reports. The good news is I have learned instagram! So if you follow me on instagram you will get reports as they happen on the boat. That way the reports are instant and I will same a… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 08/04/16

Hey Fishermen, Well we are back at it having some good times and making memories. Shark fish has been very good for the leopards. Today we did a combo ½ day trip with a load of 3 fishermen. We started drifting live bait and had some action. We boxed 2 bass and 9 year old… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 07/28/16

Hey outdoorsmen, I took 3 days off to take my Grandson Cody camping in the wilderness. We were in the high sierras south east of Quincy. Cody fit right in almost immediately, see the first photo. He learned to catch wild trout in a creek so small that in some areas you cant even see… Read more »