San Francisco Fishing report 07/10/16

Hey sportsmen, The last few days we have had some good fishing. We have had to work around the winds but with good results. I have been targeting sharks and bass. Jonathon has been targeting the same except for 2 days ago. He targeted sharks in the morning and when the people had enough he… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 07/07/16

Hey Fishermen, Fishing is going good. The sharks are biting and all you need is a half day. The halibut and bass require a little more work. The afternoon winds have made it challenging but we are getting fish. Captain Jonathon made a run for rockfish and did well but the conditions were not user… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 06/29/16

Hey Fishermen, Here is a quick update. The shark fishing busted open. Captain Jonathon really got into them yesterday. I have some room this weekend but it is filling up fast. I also have made the boats available for a 4th of July party and Fireworks trip on the 4th. If you are interested give… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 06/27/16

Hey Fishermen, Today’s update is the bass fishing has been the top producer. We have had a lot of good action. The halibut fishing has slowed but now that the tides are slowing the halibut should now pick up. Tides are good for sharks and I have room on tomorrows trip. Fourth of July weekend… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 06/23/16

Hey everyone. Deb and I had a great vacation. Captain Jonathon did a bang up job running Flash II while I was gone. Most of the photos are from his trips. I went back to work the day after I returned from my vacation. It felt good to get beck into it and the fishing… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 06/03/16

The bass are chomping!! A good afternoon bite today!! I have room on Sundays afternoon trip. And room on a shark trip on Monday Capt. Steve Flash Sport Fishing 510 851-2500

San Francisco Fishing report 06/01/16

Hey fishermen, Just a quick update, Captain Jonathon on Flash II has the halibut dialed in! They just docked and sent me this photo. He had a half-day trip today and they landed 11 halibut. There were also some missed opportunities. We do have a little room but not much. Call me if you want… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 05/22/16

Hey Fishermen, Here is a quick update; 3 days ago we got our butt handed to us. The weatherman was a little off. I had ½ day trip fishing for halibut and bass using live anchovies. The winds were brutal but we did manage to land a halibut. If I new the winds were going… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 05/08/16

Hey Sportsmen, Flash I and Flash II drifted live bait yesterday. All in all it was tough fishing. But we stuck with it, made some adjustments and ended up OK. We have got the live bait dialed in and we look forward to a good season. Enjoy the photos. Captain Steve Talmadge Flash Sport Fishing

San Francisco Fishing report 05/06/16

Hey Sportsmen, I have been very busy getting Flash I and Flash II ready and for the summer season. I ended the sturgeon season with a bang. I had 4 fishermen and we landed some great fish. There have been a lot of projects with a few trips in between. Flash II is turning out… Read more »