San Francisco Fishing report 04/23/16

Hey Fishermen, I have been working on Flash II all week. We were doing mostly cosmetic work. She is almost ready for her photo shoot. I took a break to do some shark fishing. Yesterday the weather was terrible which made it tough fishing but we did bag fish. Today the weather was great and… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing report 04/17/16

Hey Fishermen, It is already getting busy. Last week the sturgeon fishing was very tough with little results. I believe weather was a factor. The good news is the sturgeon are back on a bite. And they are on fire in the 64 degree water temperature. The sharks are also starting to bite. Captain Jonathon… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 4/5/16

Hey Sharkers! I had 2 half day trips today on Flash II. We fished the Oakland side of the south bay. The Bat Rays were all over us and went up to 75 lbs. The best bait was herring and anchovies in 39 feet of water. The afternoon trip we found our selves on the… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 4/4/16

Hey Fishermen, The sturgeon fishing is still strong. The water temp is over 60 degrees and climbing. It should be like last year. We did a trip yesterday and the wind killed my out going tide plan. But we did still land a keeper on the flood tide. Most of the action has been on… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 4/2/16

Hey Sportsmen, Well the big news is Flash II is back in service. I am very happy with the new engines, rebuilt helm and basically gave the whole boat a work over. She runs great, smooth and fast. At her sea trial she was making between 36 and 40 knots at 100% throttle. Yesterday and… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 3/7/16

Hey Fishermen, It has been a busy week, I have been spending most my time working on Flash II. We did make it out for sturgeon fishing last Thursday. It was a tough day. No keepers! The weather caused me to cancel Saturday and Sundays trips. But we are getting a lot done on Flash… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 2/16/16

Hey Fishermen, The sturgeon fishing took a turn. The day before yesterday the whole fleet got skunked. Yesterday It was still tough but improving. I know of 3 keeper sturgeon landed for the whole fleet. We fished hard and long and released 2 sturgeon that were short. I am taking a break to start the… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 2/13/16

Hey Fishermen, Another quick report because the conditions are fantastic. Today the plan was basically the same as yesterdays report. We had a great time. We landed 6 fish. I had one gentleman fish his own style for bass. He boxed a limit of nice bass. We also boxed 2 nice sturgeon out of the… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 2/12/16

Hey Fishermen, Here is a quick report before we get into this weekend. We headed up to the patch today and we fished for about 2 hours. The problem was the fish that were coming through off the bottom. So I made a move to Seal Is. We had 3 good opportunities and hooked a… Read more »

San Francisco Fishing Report 2/7/16

Hey Fishermen, What a difference a day makes! Yesterday I fished near Seal Island with 5 fishermen on board. We had the same plan as the day before. We fished hard with 1 keeper bass and an oversized sturgeon for the day. The day before I had a light load of 2 fishermen. One of… Read more »